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My catering business started accidently. I have loved cooking my entire life, and found joy in catering our family/friend events. My family and friends throughout the years have asked me to cater, bring a specific dish (our shrimp & spicy sausage chipotle pasta is a family and client favorite), and make the dessert table for a lot of their major events and special moments. Everyone around me always jokes asking "when will you open a restaurant?" I just knew restaurant life wasnt for me, but I love cooking for big parties and creating an atmosphere. Thus Fig Catering was born. 

Why did we open Fig Catering?

Why did we open Fig Catering?

The name Fig Catering came from one major inspiration, abuelita Maria Figueroa who is famously known by her nickname Mahey. She has always been the inspiration behind every meal, and Brenda's love for cooking. Abuelita Mahey was a talented cook, and taught her daughter (Brenda) all the family recipes. Brenda always knew she wanted to honor her late mother somehow in her business name. Abuelita Mahey was everyone's heart and soul. Through her dishes and her stories she will live on forever. That's how Fig(ueroa) Catering came to be. 

*Fun fact figs are also Brenda's favorite fruit! So it was just meant to be

Why Fig?

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